Discoloration with Turbulence and Cracked Crystal

Discoloration with Turbulence and Cracked Crystal

There is a discoloration issue with 6 acrylics, this one included. The images on this page show the discoloration when engraved.
Blush Punch Turbulence
Pistachio Mint Turbulence
Arctic Ice Cracked Crystal
Secrets of Sapphire Cracked Crystal
Royal Amethyst Cracked Crystal
Depths of Zinfandel Cracked Crystal

These are the only acrylics affected by this discoloration and within these 6 it is varying degrees. We want you to see examples of the discoloration to determine if the acrylics will work for your projects before purchasing.

Here are images specifically of engraving. All 6 are affected.

Here are images specifically of cutting.

The Pistachio Mint and Blush Punch Turbulence are affected the most.

For the Cracked Crystal, Arctic Ice can be seen but the other three are darker and so the discoloration is not seen.

Potential Solution: Don’t give up on these acrylics. The patterns are quite beautiful and unique. If the edges are straight, the discoloration sands off easily with 320 grit wet sandpaper.

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