Finishing Wood

I have had many people ask how to finish wood so that it looks like the pictures of the finished wood on our website.

This is actually a really easy way to finish wood and it brings out the natural colors and looks great! To make the pictures for our website I did the following:
First, clean off the wood. Depending on if there is stuff to get off the wood besides just dust, You can clean the wood by just wiping it off with a cloth, using a cloth with white vinegar or using a cloth and mineral spirits. The mineral spirits is the strongest way to clean wood. If you have any sticky residue from stickers or cutting this should take it off.
Second I put a coat of Tung Oil on the wood. I have also used Danish Oil and Teak Oil instead of the Tung Oil and it worked just the same. Here is an article that explains the difference of these 3 oils if you are interested. After my coat of Tung Oil dried, I put a coat of polyurethane on the wood. When that was dried, I sanded the wood lightly with a fine grain sand paper and then put another coat of polyurethane on. I finished there but if you want a lusher or thicker finish, then continue putting on coats of polyurethane, drying and sanding until you get to the finish you would like. Technically you don’t need to put the polyurethane on after the Tung oil because it can be a finish in itself, but I like to add the protection and the smooth finish of the polyurethane. Polyurethane finished boards are also easier to clean after cutting without masking.
That is all there is to it!

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