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2000 Coin Reward Pack

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This variety pack is specific to our Craft Closet Club Rewards Program! Please note that some materials listed will be picked at random based on availability. We guarantee 95% usability on the misfit boards included in this variety pack.

Variety Pack Includes:

Dark MDF 1/8th Inch

Light MDF 1/8th Inch

Baltic Birch 1/8th Inch B/BB Grade

Solid Matte Acrylic Misfit

Glitter Acrylic Misfit

Solid Wood

Faux Leather

Double Sided METALLICboard COLORboard Effects

Double Sided MDF Core Wood 1/8th Inch

Wood Veneer with 3M Sheet



Rubber Stamp Material

Glitz Acrylic Misfit

Colored Mirror Acrylic 1/16th Inch Misfit

ColorWave Acrylic Misfit

Shell Veneer