Abalone Shell-Dyed Emerald Green

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Abalone Shell-Dyed Emerald Green Veneer sheet is made from small slices of natural Abalone Shells and dyed Green on one side. This sheet has a bright, deep color. It is polished and very thin. It is beautiful and has many uses. The most common uses are for jewelry inlay, Box inlay, guitar and musical instrument inlay, creative maker projects, shell nail art and handicrafts.

Thickness: 0.18-0.2mm

Measurements- 0.18-0.4mm thick and 9.5” by 5.5” or 11.75" by 11.75".

Includes a sheet of 3M brand adhesive backing that is also 9.5" by 5.5" or 11.75" by 11.75". This is not attached to the shell veneer so you may use it depending on your application.