Exotic Wood Veneer Variety Pack

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Size: 12x19 inches

Core: paper back veneer

Includes: 1x Bubinga, 1x Jatoba, 1x Wenge, 1x Lacewood, 1x Zebrawood, 1x Paduk, 6x 12x20 sheet of 3M 467MP   

Our wood veneers are paper backed to add consistency of grain match and smooth finish. They are not “raw” veneers. Each veneer is packaged with a double masked 3M 467MP adhesive sheet also measuring 12x20 inches. This is not pre-attached to the veneer so you can choose to use it or not, adding to the versatility of the veneer. This is a no fuss way of attaching veneer to MDF or ply without glue and a veneer vacuum press.