Anchor Gray Faux Leather

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Anchor Gray is a laser safe faux leather with a subtle texture leather pattern, this Anchor Gray faux leather is soft yet has a rugged appearance.  Integrate with wood for projects that want a natural look and feel.   Think of faux leather in place of living hinges where you need more durability of movement. 

Settings: Focus set at .02. Cut 300/80 1 pass or 500/70 2 passes. Engrave  1000/40. Score 500/30.

Why Faux Leather? This is laser safe faux leather.   Faux leather can either be made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or Polyurethane (PU).  Never use PVC in a laser.  Our faux leather is PU and so laser safe.   We currently offer three styles with more to come.
Besides being laser safe, PU Faux Leather, is vegan, doesn’t absorb water, and easier to work with then real leather.  Our faux leather has a PU felt backing making it easier to cut, sew and it is more flexible.  It has a variety of uses.  Some examples are boxes, clutches, purses, bags, belts, signs, book covers, earrings,  the list is as big as your imagination. We cut our faux leather to 12x19 inches for the perfect fit in a Glowforge but we also sell it by the yard.  If you buy more than one yard it will be cut all in one piece unless you specify that you want it cut into yards. When you order, if you have specifications not on the checkout sheet, please email us at