MDF Colors-Rustic Red

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Color: Rustic Red

Core: MDF

Thickness: 1/8 Inch

Size:   12x19 inches, 12x12 inches

Sided: Double Sided

Finish: Color with a UV Cured Clear Varnish

Masking: MDF Colors do not come with masking.  However, the durable varnish finish is easily cleaned of any soot marks with just a rag and water.

  • UV cured finish makes the board smooth and durable.
  • Medium Density Fiberboard. MDF is more dense and stronger than particle board, and a more even consistency compared to plywood.
  • Stable Dimensions: Less expansion and contractions compared to natural wood.
  • Takes paint and glue well with consistent appearance of finished project.
  • Shapes well with CNC or laser