Samantha's Doodles Dog Days Color COLORacrylic Double Sided

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"I wanted to make these COLORboards 100% unique and instead of making repeating patterns, I placed each element by hand so that you’d get the most of every inch of the design.

I absolutely love the idea of magic and mystical things, so what better design to use for a COLORboard?! I started with a snake and a few crystals and ended up with a whole magical world I can’t wait to use with my laser! Spooky vibes are in style all year round, not just for Halloween.

I’m not calling myself a psychic, but I can already see this COLORboard being used for tarot card boxes, unique signs, and ALL the earrings!"


Just like our COLORboard Effects and Expressions lines, this material is laser safe and ready to use! COLORacrylics can easily be incorporated as a component into larger projects or even different COLORacrylics to make colorful acrylic projects! COLORacrylics can take your creations to the next level! 

Size: 12x19

Double Sided: Both sides have the same pattern

Masking: COLORacrylics do not come with masking. If you would like to mask them simply use the masking that you normally use.