Samantha's Doodles Floral Nebula COLORboard

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"I read a quote recently that said something along the lines of 'there would be no flowers without the rain.' It really resonated with me, and this piece is my interpretation of that: a glowing rainbow filled with flowers growing wild. I find that my creativity tends to flow the most when I’m overwhelmed with something in my life, and drawing becomes a sort of escape and meditative state where I can channel all my anxious energy into creating something new and special. It really is a beautiful process, and I think this piece captures that magical feeling I get when I’m in that moment. 


This COLORboard combines all my favorite things - rainbows, flowers, and fun patterns. I am already brainstorming a million ways to use it, and I can’t wait to pair it with some of the Craft Closet Glitz acrylics to make some gorgeous earrings! I think the glitters will bring out the colors in this design and make it really pop. I am also thinking about making a keepsake box where I can save some of my favorite projects, including earrings, stickers, or scraps of each COLORboard in the collection, and I think this would be the perfect design to use!"

COLORboard Expressions features a 6 color print with a clear varnish on top for lasting protection. This creates a finished look without all the finishing work! COLORboards can easily be incorporated as a component into larger wood projects or even different COLORboards to make colorful wood projects! COLORboards can take your creations to the next level! 

Size: 12x19

Core: 1/8 MDF

Masking: COLORboard Expressions do not come with masking.  If you would like to mask them simply use the masking that you normally use.