Samantha's Doodles Wallflower COLORboard

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"If you’ve purchased from my file shop before, then you know how much I LOVE drawing flowers. My mother owned a flower shop when I was younger, and she has the world’s greenest thumb and the most beautiful, colorful garden. She can grow just about anything. I, on the other hand, have absolutely NO luck with growing plants, so I’ll stick with drawing them instead! 

My favorite thing about this design is that every single flower was placed with intention. I spent hours making sure I liked the flow of the piece and I couldn’t be more proud with how it turned out. I plan to use this COLORboard for a backer for a welcome sign for my home. I can also see it being perfect for a name cut out for a kid’s room or nursery. The best part about rainbow color schemes is that they go with every color!"

COLORboard Expressions features a 6 color print with a clear varnish on top for lasting protection. This creates a finished look without all the finishing work! COLORboards can easily be incorporated as a component into larger wood projects or even different COLORboards to make colorful wood projects! COLORboards can take your creations to the next level! 

Size: 12x19

Core: 1/8 MDF

Masking: COLORboard Expressions do not come with masking.  If you would like to mask them simply use the masking that you normally use.