White Weave PATTERNboard Front

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 COLORboard is laser safe. It is a heat and pressure applied color application to MDF which allows for colors and patterns not achieved through paints or other wood finish options. COLORboards allow for a vibrant color, glitter, neon, or even metallic option for your projects. We know your projects can call for different colors and patterns so you can mix and match the front & back. COLORboards can easily be incorporated as a component into larger wood projects or even different COLORboards to make colorful wood projects. 

Size: 12x19

Core: 1/8 MDF

COLORboard Back Add-On To order a single side, simply place the desired COLORboard Front in your cart and you are done. If you want two sides, then place the COLORboard Front in the cart. Then select the pattern you want on the back, whether the same as the front or different, and place the COLORboard Back Add-On in the shopping cart. We will then custom create your board with the Front and Back you select. If you purchase multiple boards, please be sure to add a "Special instructions" message in at your cart for which front and backs go together. *Please note, you can not purchase a COLORboard Back Add-On alone.

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