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Making a Cookie or Soap Stamp

Start out with the design you want!

Make all of the lines cut lines (stroke red or a different color, fill none) If you take this apart you will see that when it cuts it will be in pieces that are glued back onto a back piece in the right spots.

Create a shape for the back piece.

This will be what you glue the cut out pieces to. It helps to score the design on the back piece too.

Reverse the design before you cut to make it easier to put back together. A quick tip, after you cut the design, while it is still in the laser, cover it with masking tape to keep it all in the right place,

If you desire, make a handle!

Save the file as a SVG and use this SVG to cut out the stamp on your laser.

When you glue the cut pieces to the back piece remember to glue so they are REVERSED so that it stamps correctly!

To watch us put this together follow this link to our Youtube channel: