• Should You Buy a Laser?

    I just got done watching this great YouTube video from Things Katie Makes.  It is called 4 Reasons You Should Buy a Glowforge and 3 Reasons You Shouldn’t... I think she brings up some very solid points of what it takes to be a laser owner in general.
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  • Fire Safety

    Fire Safety when using a laser cutter is so important! I see people asking on Facebook all the time what masking material to use and other people say to use the masking for transferring vinyl. Don’t use that masking! Every...

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  • Warped Board

    Warped Boards

    Nothing is more frustrating than putting a board in your laser, only to discover a bow or curve from warping. Obviously a flat board yields the best cutting results. Although measures are taken to keep boards flat and straight, warping...

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  • Cleaning Scorched Boards

    Cleaning Scorched Boards

    White vinegar works great. Just wet a rag with the vinegar and wipe it off. Lighter color open wood grains like Pine are harder to clean as the soot gets into the grain. A light sanding can help but be...

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