• How to use cardboard in your laser!

    Most of us have empty boxes waiting to be recycled.  One fun way to recycle them is to use them to make jigs for your reoccurring engraves of items like pencils, keychains, agate slices, watch bands etc. 
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  • Finishing Projects with Mod Podge

    Did you know you can finish wood with lots of different kinds of materials!  One of the easiest way to do this is using Mod Podge.  This can be found at craft stores, Walmart, Target and some DollarTree stores.  It is easy to use and creates awesome finishes.  There are a lot of different Mod Podge finishes, some for outdoor use or dishwasher safe, so you can choose the one for you project that will work best!  So let's get to it!
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  • How to test Kerf

    What does laser kerf mean? Kerf is the portion of material that the laser burns away when it cuts.  It is the width of the lasers beam.  It usually ranges from 0.08mm – 1mm depending on the material type and other conditional factors.
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  • Cleaning the Glowforge

    In our Facebook group Live this week we showed you how to clean a Glowforge.  If you missed it, this article will give you a little help with ideas and links.
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  • Engraving Acrylic

    Engraving Acrylic with a laser creates amazing end products! 

    You can engrave acrylic on either the back or the front of the acrylic.  If it is translucent or mirror, engraving from the back can give it a nice dimensional polished finished look.

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  • Making Notebooks!

    A fun and easy thing to do with your laser is to make notebooks and notebook covers!  We will outline the steps to doing this and also give you a free file to try!
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  • How to make serving trays

    Making Trays

    Making trays can be so fun and rewarding!  There are so many different things you can do to make the tray unique.  I am including a free file for you to practice making  a tray with or without handles to learn the steps.
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