• Northern Lights Acrylic

    Quality of Edges:   Northern Lights Iridescent Acrylic is absolutely beautiful.  You will make some amazing projects that bend and refract the light for amazing effects.   It works great in the laser with nice crisp edges.   But Northern...

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  • What is melamine?

    What is melamine?

    Melamine is a laser safe, thin veneer that overlays a core of MDF, just like our other double sided materials. The difference is that melamine is pre-finished. This saves you time and money when making projects. It also means that...

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  • Discoloration with Turbulence and Cracked Crystal

    Discoloration with Turbulence and Cracked Crystal

    There is a discoloration issue with 6 acrylics, this one included. The images on this page show the discoloration when engraved.Blush Punch TurbulencePistachio Mint TurbulenceArctic Ice Cracked CrystalSecrets of Sapphire Cracked CrystalRoyal Amethyst Cracked CrystalDepths of Zinfandel Cracked CrystalThese are...

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