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The Ultimate Guide to all things Laser Craft.


Fire Safety

Fire Safety when using a laser cutter is so important! We'll share some fire safety tips so you can prevent a hazard before it has a chance to set your crafts ablaze.

My Cut Didn't Go Through - Glowforge Users

What do you do when your highly anticipated cut doesn't quite go through the material? Let's discuss some ways you can salvage your crafts when things don't go as planned.

Warped Boards

Nothing is more frustrating than putting a board in your laser, only to discover a bow or curve from warping. Here's what to do to resolve a warped board issue!


How to Use Shell Veneer

Shell Veneer is so fun and easy to work with. All it takes is a little practice to take your creations to the next level! Here are some steps to help you get started! 1. Decide what your design is. Shell...

How Manual Engrave Settings Work

I am going to just start right out with this diagram. I got this from the Glowforge Community Forum. It was designed by JB Manning5. What this diagram is showing is the 3 main things on your laser settings that...

Creating Boxes!

Did you know that there are many websites that will help you when you are designing boxes!? Here are some references and tips for building beautiful boxes!

Spotlight Designers

Laura G.

"I've been drawing since I was a kid and was told that I couldn't make any money in art, but that I have a great brain for engineering."

Michael H.

"Our mission is not to get rich, but to use our talents to enable people to use our designs to make money with their lasers."

Jennifer J.

"Designing is a passion and brings so much happiness in my life. I really enjoy sharing my art with others and seeing the joy it brings is such a great reward."


Northern Lights Acrylic

Northern Lights Iridescent Acrylic is absolutely beautiful. You will be able to make some amazing projects that bend and refract the light for amazing effects.

See what you can do with Wood and Abalone Shell Veneers!

Did you know we carry a large selections of wood and abalone shell veneers? Here are a few pictures to showcase our awesome veneers and a little description about how they were made.

Formaldehyde Emissions from MDF and Plywood

Sometimes we are asked about formaldehyde levels in our materials. Mainly, are they safe to cut? The short answer is, yes, our MDF and plywoods are safe to cut. But to explain why, here is a lengthy description.


MDF vs Plywood

In this video, we go in depth and teach you everything you need to know about Focus Height.

Scorch Marks

We tested the best solutions for scorch marks in this Curt's Corner video! The best results may surprise you!

Air Assist Fan

A quick and easy tutorial to cleaning the Air Assist Fan on your laser printer.


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