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Northern Lights Acrylic

Quality of Edges:   Northern Lights Iridescent Acrylic is absolutely beautiful.  You will make some amazing projects that bend and refract the light for amazing effects.   It works great in the laser with nice crisp edges.   But Northern Lights does not go through our saw very well and often the edges have some chips, and this material comes with a plastic masking, not the paper, so the masking can appear scratched or the edges coming up a bit.  Also, the iridescent effect comes from a thin film adhered to the clear acrylic.  This is done by the manufacturer and adheres very well.  You would not even know there was a film on a finished project.  But the saw sometimes “roughs up” the edge.   We bring this up because sometimes right out of the box, it might not look in peak condition.   But please don’t give up on this acrylic because the edge looks rough.  Just put it in your laser, with the masking in place, and cut out your project.  Then remove the masking after.  You won’t be disappointed in the results. 

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Laura Leigh - February 2, 2024

I used this acrylic on an engraved layered project for a Sweet Sixteen gift. Amazing results!

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