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See what you can do with Wood and Abalone Shell Veneers!

See what you can do with Wood and Abalone Shell Veneers!

Did you know we carry a large selections of wood and abalone shell veneers? Here are a few pictures to showcase our awesome veneers and a little description about how they were made.


To make these earrings I put the 3M adhesive (which is included with all of our veneers) on the Mahogany Veneer and then cut the earring shape out with my Glowforge.  I then cut the Cherry and Imperial Purple veneers out.  After cutting them out I pulled the backing off the 3M and carefully lined up the pieces and hooked them together.  The 2 veneers together give it a width of 1/16” which is still thin but feels like it will hold up well for wearing. 


This picture shows a tray that I made out of Teak, Mahogany and Maple wood veneers adhered to a ⅛” MDF tray.  To make this I just cut out the designs on the veneer and then used the 3M to attach it to the tray.

This next picture I made awhile back.  It is a pendant made out of Teak  and Wenge Wood veneers and Natural Abalone shell veneer. For this pendant I started with a piece of ⅛” maple.  I engraved the mountains on the piece of maple and cut the veneers out with the Glowforge.  I then inlay the mountains into the engraved area and layered the rest of the veneers around the mountains.


This flower sign is made with Maple and Mahogany Wood veneer and a number of different abalone shell veneers adhered on a ⅛” MDF board with 3M adhesive.

Flower Sign

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