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What is melamine?

What is melamine?

Melamine is a laser safe, thin veneer that overlays a core of MDF, just like our other double sided materials. The difference is that melamine is pre-finished. This saves you time and money when making projects. It also means that you can’t stain it, but with the beautiful finish you don’t need to. You will recognize melamine from around your house as it is used in kitchen cabinets and some furniture. The surface is very durable. It engraves extremely well. The MDF core turns a nice dark brown and the edges of the melamine engrave are very sharp, so it is amazing to use for wall hangings and signs. It’s surface is washable and resists stains so the light colors, at least, work well with dry erase markers. Melamine is one of my favorite woods to work with. It lasers well, cleans easily and is very durable. It is also a cost affective option. We sell Melamine in White, Black, Natural Maple, Fox Teakwood, Birch, and Alabama CherryClick here for cut settings. 

Here are a few signs that we have made out of melamine:

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