Craft Closet Club

What you get for creating your new account

  • 20% off coupon code for your first order
  • Weekly newsletter featuring Craft Closet Club exclusive sales, Club member submitted projects, tips and tricks, and first access to new arrivals
  • Weekly half off sales
  • Free shipping on all orders over $99 or $15 flat shipping fee for orders under $99 in the USA. *For information on international shipping please click here
  • 200 free Craft Coins PLUS the opportunity to earn more coins for purchases, referrals, gallery submissions, and social media shout-outs
  • Start your crafting journey towards our Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum tiers

Obtaining and using the new customer 20% off coupon

Getting the coupon

  1. If you don’t have an account made, create an account
    1. Sign up by clicking on the green circle on the bottom right or click on “Log in” at the top right. Both take you to the same place
    2. Then click “Sign up” and fill out the required information
  2. Log in to your account if it hasn’t automatically logged you in yet
    1. You will know that you are logged in if your name appears at the top right where the “Log in” button used to be
  3. Claim 200 Craft Coins by activating your account (this is different than creating an account)
    1. Click on the bottom right green circle icon to pull up the coins menu
    2. Click on the “Earn Craft Coins” tab and then click on “Activate your account”
      1. Clicking on that will send a confirmation email to the one associated with your account
    3. Go to your email and click on the confirmation to claim your 200 Craft Coins and also to find your new customer code for 20% off your first purchase.

Applying the coupon

  1. Once you have all the items you’d like to purchase in your cart, go to checkout
  2. Where it says “Discount code” in the checkout menu, type in the code as you see it (the code is case sensitive) and hit apply
  3. The code is now applied

Craft Coins

  • How you can earn Craft Coins:
    • Get 200 Craft Coins for creating an account
    • Get 200 Craft Coins on your birthday
    • Get 100 Craft Coins for signing up for the newsletter
    • For every dollar you spend you get that many coins
    • What you can use Craft Coins for:
      • Get coupons for $ off purchases (Every 200 coins gives $5 off)
      • Get coupons for free products. View list here
    • Only 1 discount/redemption can be used per checkout

    Membership Tier

    As you earn more coins you can go up in membership tiers to be able to earn even more coins.

    Membership Level Coins Earned on the account Coins Earned Multiplier
    Platinum Level 3000 1.4
    Gold Level 2000 1.3
    Silver Level 1500 1.2
    Bronze Level 500 1.1

    How to add to your Wishlist

    Just click on a heart icon on any product to add it to your wishlist. Great for when you want to mark something to buy later.

    *Note: This is a new system and is subject to changes for improvement.