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Exploration Kit

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by Variety

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$99 after using coupon code EXPLORATION at check out!

Our Exploration Kit was made with all of our diode laser customers in mind! Everything in this sample pack is laser safe and sized for the smaller laser beds!

Discount:   We offer a 20% off first order coupon code when signing up for our newsletter.  But this additional discount cannot be combined with this promotional kit.  But feel free to use this 20% off with your next order!    The kit is listed at $125 but use the coupon code EXPLORATION on check out for the $99 price and free shipping.   

Compatibility: Glowforge Aura, xTool M1,  xTool D1, diode lasers 10 watts or more

Size: 12x12", 6x12" where indicated

    Included Materials:


    •  Solid Wood:
          * Finished Sapele (12x6”)
       Maker Board:
          * Maple
          * 1/8th Sapele Solid Wood-Finished (6x12")
          * 1/8th Natural Basswood
          * 1/16th Natural Basswood
          * 1/8th Pre-Finished Basswood-White
          * 1/16th Pre-Finished Basswood- Black
          * Cherry Red Gloss
          * Tumeric Pearlescent (6x12")
          * Textured Black Asphalt (6x12")
          * Chocolate Pecan Colorwave (6x12")
          * HOLO HTV
          * GLITTER HTV
          * METALLIC HTV
         Wood Veneer:
          * Finished Hickory w/ 3M backing
          * Unfinished Walnut
          * Unfinished Red Oak
         Faux Leather:
          * Crocodile
          * White
         Misc Items:
          * Cork
          * 0.03" Chipboard