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My name is Audrey, and I’m the designer behind Min2Be Designs. I’m a mom of 2 toddler girls and bought my first laser almost 3 years ago! I’ve always been a creative person, and during the Pandemic, I needed a way to be just that. I love sharing tips and tricks while helping the next wave of laser artists get up on their feet.

Files Created By: Audrey M.

Hi! I'm Hannah B. owner of Poppy and Pine Co. I am a stay at home mama and crafter! I love making tiered tray decore to showcase in my home!

Files Created By: Hannah B.

I am very adventurous when it comes to designing. I love to explore the limitations with my machine and the material available. My business partner and I own Two Chicks & a Trailer LLC. We also run a group on Facebook to help other makers expand and grow. (Glowforge Artisans and Entrepreneurs) Our goal is to share the knowledge we have learned. We are very faith oriented in our lives as well as our business.

Files Created By: Nicki P.

Hi I'm Ashley, veteran wife, Aunt, dog/cat/chicken/ferret mom. I got bit with the crafting bug when I was about 10 years old, my mom was into rubber stamping and sewing, and soon I became obsessed. I remember getting my first sewing machine for christmas that year, and nothing else mattered haha. 27 years later here I am, a craft room full of supplies to last a lifetime and a workshop I spend most of my waking hours in lately. Being creative is a passion, it is what keeps me running. There aren't many days that go by that I haven't created in some fashion. Whether it is a simple painting in my art journal, a card, picking and pressing flowers to use in epoxy art, taking pictures (wild life, scenery, or something that sparks an idea), doodling, and of course bringing those doodles to life with the laser.

Files Created By: Ashley L.

I’m an illustrator/ designer with an obsession with strange critters (especially axolotls). I am always creating and making and I truly have a passion for it. Better yet, one of the most rewarding things about being a designer and artist is it allows me to connect with other creatives (and also those who may not be as design savvy) and help bring to life their vision through offering things like files and pre-made designs they can use to grow their own business and/or hobby.

Files Created By: Kristina S.


Hi! I'm new to the Glowforge/Laser-cutter world but I've been a full-time graphic designer and illustrator for the past 25 years. I adore animal of all kinds and mostly get my inspiration from nature. I have really been enjoying this community of makers and am excited with my first file bundle of dog ornaments. I can't wait to create more!

Files Created By: Robin T.

I've been drawing since I was a kid and was told that I couldn't make any money in art, but that I have a great brain for engineering. Well, I didn't do either and went to work in retail and then to the corporate side of it. Fast forward more than a couple decades of not doing art and I hear about how I can put my art into a Cricut and cut out paper and vinyl. I start drawing again, mostly dogs and putting them on shirts. Then during my furlough due to Covid, I decided to purchase a Glowforge. With it, my art and engineering brain united. I can create so many things with the Glowforge, almost anything that I can think of. It's so amazing to work out the details to make things go together, to make things move correctly. I am able to build practical things or artsy things or anything in between. And now I've been accepted into the Glowforge Catalog Designer program and I feel like I haven't even really begun yet. The possibilities are endless.

Files Created By: Laura G.

Hello, my name is Jennifer and I absolutely love drawing and have a passion for art. I always wanted to be an artist since I was little and I had an art minor in college. I also knew I wanted to work in a field where I could help others. I work full time as a speech pathologist and love working with children with special needs. Being able to design files brings the best of both worlds in my life. Designing is a passion and brings so much happiness in my life. I really enjoy sharing my art with others and seeing the joy it brings is such a great reward.

Files Created By: Jennifer J.

Hi, my name is Olha, I am the owner of LaserCutano Shop. I create templates for laser cut and cricut. My own experience allows me to create templates for wood, plywood, metal and paper products. Physical products of our customers in their homes is the biggest reward for me. It's amazing that your design acquires a physical form and becomes a part of the decor in another part of the world.

Files Created By: Olha

I am a Lampwork glass artist, coin ring maker and digital artist. I have also been beading and sewing for most of my life. I have been a lampwork artist for almost 20 years and I make, blow and sculpt all my glass pendants and beads myself. I use Murano Italian glass in my home studio. All of my lampwork glass pendants and beads are made with a specialty torch and properly annealed in my kiln. My coin ring studio is also full of wonderful torches and tools as well that I use to fashion coins into rings.

Files Created By: Augusta S.

My name is Sam, I am a 28 year old artist from Parkville, MD. I went to Towson University and graduated with a degree in art history in 2015. I opened my Etsy shop after graduating. I started with 3 sticker designs and have grown to over 100 different sticker designs and last year during the pandemic, my brother and I purchased a Glowforge laser. I have since expanded my business to include laser cut items and digital SVG files.

Files Created By: Sam L.


I love laserable acrylics. They are already beautiful and it doesn't take much to create something wonderful. In addition, I love working with a variety of materials including, wood, wire, fabric, leather, polymer clay, beads and resin. My curiosity leads me to look at all materials as a possibility for earrings.

Files Created By: Sherry S.

Hello I am Pat Lewis creator, designer and owner of Pat Lewis Designs LLC. My company was birthed to provide creations to my customers that create confidence and joy. I LOVE HAPPY CUSTOMERS and want them to shop and experience THE ULTIMATE HANDCRAFTED EXPERIENCE! I want my customers to know that if they can dream it, let’s make it!

Files Created By: Pat L.

I first learned of my love for creating things from a sewing project in school, and since then haven’t stopped. Prior to purchasing my laser I enjoyed painting, woodworking and jewelry making. Owning a laser lets me combine all those loves. Little did I know that soon after I would be opening an Etsy shop and designing files for others. I am also a wife, a dog mom and a full-time medical coding analyst.

Files Created By: Jill B.

I’ve been a professional photographer for over a decade and specialize in empowering and classy Boudoir Photography. The pandemic though forced me to find other ways to hustle and I came across the Glowforge and it reignited all the fun I had as a kid making my own toys and crafts and art.

Files Created By: Tooney W.

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