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Fire Safety

Fire Safety when using a laser cutter is so important! I see people asking on Facebook all the time what masking material to use and other people say to use the masking for transferring vinyl. Don’t use that masking! Every fire I’ve had with my laser was caused by that masking. There are other masking out there that will actually stick to you material better and are just as easy to use for example, our Lime Masking , which is super sticky!

Some things that I keep next to my laser are a fire blanket are a fire extinguisher. I bought both of these from Amazon.

Right now I just have a small regular fire extinguisher but if your budget will allow it get an electronic safe fire extinguisher like this one, the Kidde 466180 Pro 5 Carbon Dioxide, Food and Electronic Safe, Environmentally Safe, Fire Extinguisher. It will put out fires but not leave a mess or hurt the electronics.

And also keep an eye on your laser while it is working. A fire can start but is easy to put out if you catch it quickly. Having a baby monitor camera pointed at the cutting space and a handheld screen that you can watch the camera from is very helpful if you want to leave the area for a few minutes but also still keep an eye on the laser. This is the one I use. I bought it on Amazon.

Sherry Shine has a good YouTube video about laser fire safety. Here is a link to it:
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