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Differences between Glitz and Glitter Acrylic

Differences between Glitz and Glitter Acrylic

Let’s start with what each category is.  

Glitz acrylics are full of Color shards that go throughout or in spots on the sheets.   

Confetti glitz is different than the shard glitz because it is small circles, similar to party confetti!

Sugarplum Confetti Glitz

We also have two glitz acrylics that are very full of the shards and aren’t as see through.  These are the Fuchsia Azure Fusion and Fiesta Confetti Glitz shown here. 

Fuchsia Azure GlitzFiesta Confetti Glitz

Glitter acrylics are full of glitter! Usually they are completely filled with glitter but we do have a few new glitters that are less compacted with glitter, like our summer lawn. 

Most of our glitters acrylics should be engraved on the front but these 3 glitters look really awesome engraved from the back.  They are our Summer Lawn, Silver Sparkle and Sequin Gold acrylics. 

Summer Lawn GlitterSilver Sparkle GlitterSequin Gold Glitter

All of our glitter acrylic is 2 sided accept for our Fairy Dust Glitter.  This one is fairy dust on one side and lavender on the other so when you engrave it the lavender shows through.

Fairy Dust Glitter Sign

We have recently changed our Glowforge Cut settings to 140 speed full power just to be on the safe side. Some glitters are so dense that it takes a lot to get through them. You can do trial cut settings on the sheets you have if you want to try a different setting but to start out with 140 speed will cut all the glitter and glitz.


Follow this link to see a video that shows out different glitz and glitters! 

Uses:  anything really!  I have used it for jewelry, earrings, backdrops like snow or stars! These acrylics will give your projects lots of dimension! So whatever your project is, chances are that these acrylics will help take it to the next level!

Glitter Sign Project Example
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