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Sticker Removal

While some wood species have a very distinctive wood pattern and color, like walnut, others can be harder to discern, like Red Oak vs White Oak, or Sapele vs African Mahogany. We sell 25 different wood species, so labeling the boards is important for many customers. However, removing the stickers can be problematic. We shifted from larger stickers that cover part of the cut area to smaller stickers in the corner which are outside the cut area. If you have one of the pieces that have a sticker that interferes with cutting, we apologize. We are trying to do better.

Solution: There are a few solutions depending on what you have available. A hair dryer on high heat will release the sticker well although some residual adhesive may remain. This is not a problem if painting but staining can result in uneven absorption of the finish. Mineral spirits or acetone nail polish remover works brilliantly. Rubbing alcohol is next and vinegar is right behind that. If no hair dryer, just put a napkin or paper towel over the sticker and soak it with the mineral spirits or nail polish remover for 5 minutes will take it right off…or the rubbing alcohol or vinegar. Water does fine for the paper but not really the adhesive. A gentle sanding (without sanding deep through the veneer layer) is great too, just to remove any residual adhesive.