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Creating Wax Seal Stamps out of acrylic

Creating Wax Seal Stamps out of acrylic

Wax seals are coming back into fashion! Especially for announcements or cards!  This blog will show you how you can use acrylic and your laser to jump into the Wax seal craze!  You can watch our YouTube video with all the steps here.

Let’s start from the beginning! We need to make a design.  Here is a link to the free file for the wax stamps on our website:

So let’s talk about how to create the file for wax seals.
Wax seals are different than making stamps from rubber stamp material.  For Wax stamps, The stamp needs to be a deep engrave of the design that you want stamped. 

Wax Stamps

For rubber stamps the area around the design needs to be engraved. So it is the exact opposite.

Mermaid Stamp


Traditional wax stamps are round or oval but you can make a wax stamp any way you want!
I’ve found with the trial stamps I’ve made that designs with thicker lines and thicker fonts work the best.  

Putting an engraved area around your design helps the seal shape.  Smooth areas around the edge of the stamp help it come out of the wax easier.

You can use any color of acrylic for the stamp.  

The settings that I used for the Glowforge basic for 1/8” acrylic are:
Engrave:  545 speed Full Power 270 LPI
Cut:  Medium Black Acrylic settings 150 speed full power

You will want to make a handle for your stamp.  Here is the link to a free file for the handles on the website:

Once you have your stamp made attach the handle to the stamp portion.  I used weld-on acrylic adhesive for this but you can use what ever type of acrylic glue that you like.

You can buy wax seal wax online.  I got it on Amazon.  There are 2 main kinds you can buy.  The first is wax sticks and the second is wax pieces.  

I practiced making a lot of stamps to get the procedure down before I made the video.  You can see in this picture that I had a lot of discarded designs.

Wax for Seals and Stamps


I found that the best way to make the wax impression is to:
  • Melt the wax.  Don’t get it super hot, just hot enough to melt.
  • Pour the melted wax on the envelope or paper that you want it adhered to.
  • Let wax cool for 10-20 seconds.  It should start to form solid around the edge.
  • Push the stamp in and let it sit until the wax is cool.  The wax will turn a bit duller.
  • Wiggle the stamp back and forth and pull off.  Make sure you let the stamp fully cool before you pull the stamp out or the wax will stick to the stamp.  If wax is stuck in the stamp, drip some more wax and push it in again.

Wax Stamp on Envelope

And that is all there is to it!  If you would like to you can add things to the paper before you pour the wax on, like ribbons, dried flowers, etc.

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