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Prints FAQ

Printing on Clear Acrylic

Craft Closet offers three different options for printing designs on clear acrylic. Understanding these differences will help you pick the option best suited for your project!

No White

When selecting the No White option, we print your image with a transparent background. This means that we aren't adding any additional white ink to the foreground or background of your image. This allows more light to travel through the entirety of the image, which can be a great for achieving certain backlit or stained-glass type effects. It also means that the colors won't pop the same way that they would with a white backing and can get lost in different backgrounds.

Spot White

With Spot White printing, we add a layer of white in the shape of the foreground images. This allows the negative space to remain clear while allowing the colors in the image to retain their true properties, regardless of the light or color of objects behind the acrylic.

Flood White

When printing with the Flood White option, we cover the entire sheet of clear acrylic with a white coat. This means that any negative space in the image you choose will be white, not clear. There is, however, a difference in printing Flood White on Clear Acrylic and White Acrylic.

Clear Acrylic prints are done on the back of the sheet. This 1/8" of seperation between the front surface and the image itself gives a unique depth to the image and allows for interesting effects when engraving.

White Acrylic prints are done on the top of the sheet without any additional white added to back the image. This allows for more light to travel through the acrylic which creates a slighly hazier, softer look.

Formatting Images for Custom
Clear Acrylic Printing

For Custom Printing on Clear Acrylic, your file must be submitted as a PDF with a non-visible background layer.

If working in Photoshop, open the layers panel and unclick the eyeball icon next to the background layer. Save the document as a PDF, and then submit after specificying the style of printing you want on the Clear Acrylic.