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Using Manual Settings on Glowforge

When you open the Glowforge Dashboard and choose the design that you want to cut, you will have a screen that comes up. At the top of this screen is a button that says “unknown”. This is the type of material. Here you can choose a Glowforge proof grade material or on the left hand side after you push the unknown button, another button comes up that says “use uncertified material”.

If you push that button another window comes up that asks for “Material Thickness”.

This is where you would measure the material with calipers or use our Craft Closet suggested measurements. (Here is a link to our material suggested settings:

For example, if you are cutting our Craft Closet Knotty Pine double sided 1/8” wood, you would put 0.14 in this slot.

Next you click on each of the setting windows below the material and choose whether to cut, score, engrave or ignore. For our example, we will use the Knotty Pine again.  

If we have a file that needs to be cut we would choose cut and then manual. Set the speed to 150 , precision power to full power. We then would click the slider on the Focus Height and change it to manual. When we do this it should bring up the settings that we typed in before, if not change this to 0.14 for our Knotty pine.

At this point we can click the + button on the top of the settings window and save this as Knotty Pine, so that next time we use Knotty Pine it will be on our Custom list and we won’t have to enter all the settings in again.

Here is a link from Glowforge that also shows you how to work with Manual Mode.

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