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Spotlight Designer! Ashley L.!

Spotlight Designer! Ashley L.!

Q&A with Ashley!

Tell us about yourself: Hi I'm Ashley, veteran wife, Aunt, dog/cat/chicken/ferret mom. I got bit with the crafting bug when I was about 10 years old, my mom was into rubber stamping and sewing, and soon I became obsessed. I remember getting my first sewing machine for christmas that year, and nothing else mattered haha. 27 years later here I am, a craft room full of supplies to last a lifetime and a workshop I spend most of my waking hours in lately. Being creative is a passion, it is what keeps me running. There aren't many days that go by that I haven't created in some fashion. Whether it is a simple painting in my art journal, a card, picking and pressing flowers to use in epoxy art, taking pictures (wild life, scenery, or something that sparks an idea), doodling, and of course bringing those doodles to life with the laser. 
What 3 words would you use to describe yourself? Passionate, creative and funny.
What is your favorite type of material to work with and why? My favorite material??  That is so hard, I enjoy experimenting with all sorts of materials/techniques/textures. But if I have to choose... Acrylic. The colors and varieties available make it so easy to create something unique (and those smooth edges, mhmmm, yes please!) especially when you want/need to finish the project now! haha.
What is a project you are proud of and why? I have worked with files for quite awhile, as I've had a cricut since 2007. But I did not get into designing files until after I got my first laser In April of 2021, and more so when I upgraded to a co2 laser in Jan of 2022. Once I was able to cut more efficiently, I wanted to offer my own creations to my customers. One of the first larger files I made was the paddle signs, I made a couple different variations, but the sunflower with ornate background is my favorite. I learned so much during the process of creating these signs. Those files took many hours of getting everything just right (I do not have a degree in art or prior background in design) So, when I got those to work the way I pictured them in my mind, pat on the back! Proud moment.Ashley's Paddle Sign File
What inspired this file? I really love flowers and old metal pieces, like old bed frames, railings, window/wall decor . So I used that inspiration to create this particular piece.
What do you do to get in the zone for crafting? When NH weather permits, I like to start my days out on my back deck with my coffee. I live on a beautiful river. Listening to the birds and being surrounded by nature helps clear my mind. But once I am in my workshop, I turn on the 80's jams and clean up the space from the priors day chaos, and then I am ready to create.
Who inspires you and why? Makers (of any art) with passion for what they do, inspire me. When you live to create, like I do, I believe it shows in your work. Not everyone will understand all of your projects, but they don't have to, and that is the beauty of creativity. 
What is your favorite thing to do outside of crafting? Wait.. there are things outside of crafting?! haha. I also enjoy, cooking, hiking, kayaking, spending time with my family and animals, and going to antique and thrift stores/flea markets.
Is there anything else you would like to share with us? I am very new to the designing world, and I know not everyone is going to love what I create, but it is my style, and makes me happy, so I keep moving forward. You can, and should to! 
Check out Ashley's Etsy store here!
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