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Spotlight Designer- Sam!

What is your Website?

How and When Did You Get Started with Laser Crafting?

I started in 2020 during the pandemic. I had previously opened a shop selling stickers, but wanted to branch out into new projects.

What do you Like Most About It?

I love the unlimited possibilities. There are so many different materials and concepts that can be used with a laser. I've really enjoyed designing for my colorboard expression collaboration with Craft Closet as well!

What are your Favorite Projects to Work With?

My most popular designs are my engraving and scoring patterns. I offer both because I know everyone has their own preference for what they like working withand I want there to be options. When I first started, patterned backers weren't really a big thing and I honestly find it so much fun to create them. I also have cut files, earrings, and ornaments among other things!

Anything Else you Want to Share?

I have a file subscription club! Tiers range from $5-$25 dollars per month and each month has a theme. Enrollment is rolling so there are no deadlines for sign up, and you can cancel or change tiers at any time! Annual plans are available to save as well. You can sign up or find more at


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