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Making a 16” File on a Glowforge without the Passthrough

Making a 16” File on a Glowforge without the Passthrough

Making large signs is easy on a regular Glowforge! All you need to do is break it down into pieces and then put it all back together! 
The easiest way to do this is by making a puzzle! Make a puzzle backing, glue it together and then glue the front pieces on top of the puzzle backing.
You can make this backing in any shape you wish, just make sure the front pieces cover the full back and the sign will work perfect!
For an example lets use a circle. If I want to make a 16” circle on my Glowforge basic, I would first start with something like this: 
Pumpkin Spice Round Sign Back
You can make more puzzle pieces if you want it bigger. Each of these puzzle pieces are around 16”x10” counting the little puzzle jigs.
After gluing this together I would piece together the front to look like a full sign, like this:
Pumpkin Spice Round Sign Front
I like turning the puzzled back to lay opposite the front, just to make it a little sturdier!
If you would like to try this technique, here is a free file to get you started!
Make sure that you tag us on social media @craftclosetsupply so that we can see what you make!
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