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Making Notebooks!

A fun and easy thing to do with your laser is to make notebooks and notebook covers!  We will outline the steps to doing this and also give you a free file to try!  
The steps:
Decide what you want the overall notebook to look like or what you are making it for.  Is it for a wedding guest sign in, Mother’s or Father’s day, someone special….
Figure out the size of notebook you want to make!
I do this by finding the right paper and then sizing the notebook to the paper size.  I usually make it just a bit bigger than the paper so that the paper is fully covered by the notebook cover.  It is easier to put the notebook and paper together in the end if the paper already has the holes punched in the right places!
Decide on what kind of hinges you want to hold your notebook together.  These can be rings, ribbon, tape or a multitude of different things!  There are a lot of videos out there showing different ways to bind note books.  Watch some of these and find your favorite way!
Once you know how you are going to hold your book together then you can make/change the file to accommodate that binding.  If you are using the 2 3-ring binder rings that we used for our file then you don’t need to change it! If you want to add more holes or space them out to fit your paper or your bindings, now is that time. Also decide if you want to put a clasp or lock on the notebook and how you want that to look.  Change the file up to make it yours!
Add on any details like graphics, names, dates.  Proof read!!! Spell check!!!
Laser Made Notebooks
Decide what material you will make the notebook out of.  In the picture you will see that I made 3 different notebooks, all out of different materials.  (First COLORboard and Mocha Crocodile faux Leather, second acrylic, third walnut wood).  You can make the cover out of many different types of materials, be creative and see what you and your laser can do! 
Test your file on a cardboard box first!  This is a cheap way to make a prototype to see if it all looks like you want it to!
Once it prints out how you want go ahead and make the final notebook!  Take pictures of your finished product and tag us @craftclosetsupply on Facebook, Instagram, or Tiktok; or upload your picture to our website gallery so that we can see it!
3-ring binder
For this file we used small 3-ring binder rings
A6 size 6 ring binder paper
Get the file here
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