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Use Honeycomb Pins to Keep Your Laser Cutting Materials Flat

Use Honeycomb Pins to Keep Your Laser Cutting Materials Flat

I hate to point out the obvious, but sometimes it’s a good reminder. The things we miss tend to be the ones right in front us. The obvious point I’m making today, in relation to laser cutting, is keeping the board flat on the Glowforge.

It’s frustrating when you remove your project from the laser cutter, and you find flaws due to a simple oversight, such as the board wasn’t completely flat. Sometimes a project doesn’t work out because of material deficiency, but it feels worse when we realize we made the mistake that ruined the project. I hate to admit it, but most often the project error is usually me. Maybe you can relate.

Anyway, here’s what I do to avoid the costly assumption that all material lies equally flat.

You will get the best cutting results if the material lays completely flat on the laser bed. One thing I do every time I cut, even if the board is warp free, is to pin it down with honeycomb pins. This ensures the board remains flat and helps the laser focus to the right height.

Another reason to use the honeycomb pins is for cutting lightweight materials, like cardboard, mat board, or chipboard. The pins will keep the board you’re using in place.

Every little bit helps with laser cutting. If you have a pin design you’d like to share, or even have other methods for holding boards in place, feel free to post in our comment section. So, forge on and continue creating. 

Click here to get a free file for honeycomb pins from our website. We made these honeycomb pins look like little Glowforges! I always keep a container full next to my Glowforge.

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