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Wooden Stickers

Wooden Stickers

Making wooden stickers is so much fun and very easy if you have a laser!  Let’s get started on how to do it!

First you need to make a design that you want on the sticker.  You could make it a score, engrave or cut design. 

When you are designing  the sticker, keep in mind that the wood will bend with the grain but not against it.  So if you want the sticker to go on a rounded surface, like a water bottle or car bumper you will want to make sure that you cut it so the wood bends the correct direction.

Make the engrave a vector or jpeg depending on how you want it to engrave.  Vector/graphics engrave is sharper than photo engrave.  

Next, finish your veneer.  If you are going to put 3M on it don’t finish the back with an oil finish or it might not stick.  It will stick to polyurethane. Mask the front of your veneer for easier clean up.

We use 3M adhesive as the backing for the stickers that we make.  Our wood veneer sheets are sold with a free sheet of 3M adhesive, so you will be all set!

Applying 3M adhesive backing can take some practice.  We have learned that you need lay the veneer on a flat surface and use a roller to roll it smooth.

If you have trouble getting the 3M to adhere to the wood follow one or all of these steps to get it to stick better.

*Wipe the surface of the veneer off with alcohol where you are going to place the 3M. Make sure it is clean of dust.

*Apply enough pressure to the 3M. Roll the heck out of it!!! To get 3M to stick you need to make sure to burnish it well.

*Warm up your wood/3M with a heat gun to 150 degrees and burnish at the warmer temperature

*Finish the wood with polyurethane or other clear finish prior to adhering the 3M.

*you can apply it over a top coat like polyurethane.

Finally, Focus your laser and make sure the veneer is completely flat. Pin it down or use magnets.

You are ready to go!

For outdoor use for things like bumperstickers, I suggest coating with a polyurethane.

Prep any surface you put the sticker on by cleaning well with alcohol. Oils and dirt will cause the adhesive to not stick and stay as well.

Wooden Stickers

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