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506/Pink Shimmer METALLIC HTV

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Original price $10.00
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Our heat transfer vinyl (HTV) is laser safe! Our vinyl is eco-friendly and PVC-free for virtually limitless craft options, both with and without the use of a laser cutter. Without PVC, our vinyl is free of the harmful chlorine byproduct that presents a health hazard when laser cutting conventional craft vinyl.

Size: 12x19

Masking: There is a thin layer of clear masking overlying the HTV. This can be removed after cutting. To do so, use your fingernail or our Craft Precision Weeding Tool Set to get under the clear masking but not the adhered color sheet. While well adhered, the color sheet could be pulled up with force. Gently pull back the masking. It comes off very easily with solid colors; is tighter on the glitter and take particular care with the HOLO vinyl to remove slowly as the HOLO material can stick to the masking. Do NOT use a scraper to remove the masking as this could scratch up the color application.

Unique Feature: Depending on the angle you look at it the color changes.