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Custom Cut Material Blank Shapes

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Before you order this, contact us if you have questions. Download your SVG file for custom cut shapes. We do not do engraving at this time. The file must be SVG format and fit on a material sheet that is 11.5” x 18.5”.  We cut and send you exactly what is on your SVG. For example if there is one bookmark on the sheet then we cut and send one bookmark and the rest of the sheet to you). Please make sure that the SVG is exactly how you want it cut. Make sure before you upload the file, that it meets these requirements:

  • SVG Format
  • 11.5"x 18.5"
  • Everything is how you want it cut.
  • Specify which material in your cart this file is for.
  • One piece of material per file.
  • If you want the file on more than one piece of material add another custom cut product and material product to your cart.
  • The material you want this cut out on must be in your cart when you order.