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Accessory Set

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Introducing our versatile Accessory Set, the perfect companion for your Foto Facades. This set includes our essential Base Clips and the Stabilizing Base Board, providing a seamless, stable, and professional setup for your photography needs.

Key Features:

  • Base Clips:

    • Seamless Integration: Designed to hold two Foto Facades in a perfect L-configuration, these clips create a flawless floor-to-wall backdrop.
    • Enhanced Stability: Offering a sturdy and reliable alternative to propping up backdrops against random objects, our Base Clips ensure a perfect table-to-wall effect without any hassle.
    • Custom Fit: Specifically molded for Foto Facades, these clips ensure a secure and snug hold, making setup quick and easy every time.
  • Stabilizing Base Board:

    • Perfect Fit: Measuring 23x23 inches, the board features notches that fit perfectly around our Base Clips, ensuring a secure and stable setup.
    • Double-Sided: Finished with one side white and the other gray, this board offers versatility and variety in your photo shoots, allowing you to switch between backgrounds effortlessly.
    • Low Glare: With a low-glare surface, the board minimizes reflections, helping you capture clear and professional images.
    • Durable Finish: Built to last, the board has a durable finish that can withstand frequent use, making it a reliable addition to your photography toolkit.
    • Water Resistant: The water-resistant surface makes the board easy to clean and maintain, ensuring it remains in top condition for all your shoots.

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