Mahogany, African 1/8 Double Sided

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Species: Mahogany, African

Size: 12x19 inches

Core:  MDF

Thickness: 0.13

Sided: Double Sided

Finishing: Unfinished

*Double Sided Wood: All of our double sided woods are to industry standard. The veneers on either side of the wood may differ in hue of color and grain pattern, which is due to the way the wood is cut and the origin of the tree. This is particularly true of the Red Oak and African Mahogany.


African Mahogany ranges in color from pale pink to reddish brown.  It sometimes has dark reddish brown streaks.  The color darkens with age or can be brought out with stains.  African Mahogany has a straight to interlocked grain and is medium to coarse in texture.