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What is COLORflex?

We are so excited to be talking about COLORflex on our next Facebook group Live!  
Here are some things to help you get started before the Live!
Working with COLORflex
COLORflex is laser safe. It is a heat and pressure applied color application to 100% cotton which allows for colors and patterns not achieved through paints. COLORflex allows for a vibrant color, glitter, neon, or even metallic option for your projects. 
Gold COLORflex Purse
COLORflex is so versatile and fun to work with!  It can be used in so many different projects, such as jewelry, bags, hat patches, and many other things. 
COLORflex comes with a laser safe masking on both sides to make sure that you get a clean cut in the end. You can take the masking off if you would like before cutting, but smoke residue is hard to get off of some of the lighter colors.  We usually always cut it with the masking on.  
COLORflex Mermaid Tail Bow
To take the masking off you can use your fingernail or our Craft Precision Weeding Tool Set to get under the clear masking and on top of the color application.  Gently pull back the masking. It comes off very easily with solid colors; it is more tight on the glitter, and take particular care with the HOLOflex to remove slowly as the HOLO material can stick to the masking. Do NOT use a scraper to remove the masking as this will scratch up the color application.
COLORflex bracelet and earrings
For COLORflex we recommend Cut settings 400/full for regular patterns and  350/full for glitter patterns; .02 focus and  Engrave 1000/75 or you can use the Thin  natural leather settings on the Glowforge and that works well too.  These settings are Cut 246/71 and Engrave 1000/52.
If you have questions about COLORflex or any of our other products, chat with us on the website, Facebook Group, or email us at
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