• Spotlight Designer! Michael H.

    Spotlight Designer! Michael H.

    Q&A With Michael! Tell us something interesting about yourself: My wife and I together manage Partyof4Crafts. We have 2 children in college. Most of our work is with SVGs on Etsy, but we also do physical products on our website...

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  • Cutting the Rubber Stamp Sheet

    We’ve done some test engraves and cuts so that you can get started using it right away!We decided to do our test with a letter M from Etsy’s KreativeCutDesign’s SeaShell Alphabet. We just pulled it into the Glowforge dashboard and...

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  • Spotlight Designer! Jennifer J.!

    Spotlight Designer! Jennifer J.!

    Q&A With Jennifer! Tell us something interesting about yourself: Hello, my name is Jennifer and I absolutely love drawing and have a passion for art. I always wanted to be an artist since I was little and I had an...

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  • Spotlight Designer! Olha!

    Spotlight Designer! Olha!

    Q&A With Olha! Tell us something interesting about yourself: Hi, my name is Olha, I am the owner of LaserCutano Shop. I create templates for laser cut and cricut. My own experience allows me to create templates for wood, plywood,...

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  • Spotlight Designer! Augusta S.!

    Spotlight Designer! Augusta S.!

    Q&A With Augusta! Tell us about yourself: I am a Lampwork glass artist, coin ring maker and digital artist. I have also been beading and sewing for most of my life. I have been a lampwork artist for almost 20...

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  • Cleaning Your Air Assist Fan

    Is it that time again? The pulse speeds up and the anxiety starts. Yep, it is that time! Time to clean the air assist fan! The first time I cleaned it I thought I would pass out from a panic...

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  • Using Manual Settings on Glowforge

    When you open the Glowforge Dashboard and choose the design that you want to cut, you will have a screen that comes up. At the top of this screen is a button that says “unknown”. This is the type of...

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  • Spotlight Designer! Sam L.!

    Spotlight Designer! Sam L.!

    Q&A With Sam! My name is Sam, I am a 28 year old artist from Parkville, MD. I went to Towson University and graduated with a degree in art history in 2015. I opened my Etsy shop after graduating. I...

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  • Manually Changing Cut Settings

    Glowforge material will automatically insert cut settings through a QR code. When using material other than GF produced, one must manually enter cut settings. We have tested the materials and given cut settings for all of our material at the...

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