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Cutting the COLORboard Expressions Perfectly

Don’t mask the printed side! There is a chance that if you mask the printed side and then cut
with the laser, the print might chip off when you take the masking off. You can mask the
unprinted side if it is single sided.

Tips to keep the material clean and in perfect condition without masking.

  • Cut with the printed side up if possible.
  • Lift the material off the bed. This can be done by using scraps of material, screws, etc. I use small screws. Put them through the holes in the tray and lay the material on top of the screws. You will need to manually set focus so that it focus’ on the material correctly. The cut portion drops down after cutting.

  • Put a piece of paper under the material. Not as great as lifting the material but it works better than putting the material straight on the bed.

  • Mask the bed. This works well but can be a pain to clean off the bed.

Example of cutting with print face down.

With masking

With nothing under

With paper under

Lifted off bed

For the perfect cut, cut printed side up or lift the material off the bed and set focus manually on the material.

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