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Cutting the Dark Rubber Stamp Sheet

We’ve done some test engraves and cuts so that you can get started using it right away!
We decided to do our test with a letter M from Etsy’s KreativeCutDesign’s SeaShell Alphabet. We just pulled it into the Glowforge dashboard and resized it to be about 1 ½”. Then we used the Glowforge dash stamp maker button to invert the engrave/outlines. We added a square to cut around it.

(We also added text to show what the speed and power of each one is so that we would have them in the right order when we cut the handle square. We ignored that though until after the stamp material was engraved and cut.)

There is no need to mask or pin down the Stamp material.

We engraved the stamp material at:
We engraved these on unknown material and at a focus/material height of .09”. We changed the LPI to 270 on all of these.
225 Speed/Full Power 1 pass
250 Speed/Full Power 1 pass
300 Speed/Full Power 1 pass
380 Speed/80% Power 2 passes

To cut all the way through use:
170 Speed/Full Power
(It also cuts at a faster speed but you need to carefully pull it apart at the cut seam.)

We decided to go with Full Power to speed up the process but you can also do it at a faster speed and lower power if you wish.

This is what it looks like when it first gets done engraving and cutting:

It is dusty and looks like you might have ruined it, but a quick brush off and then wash under water with a toothbrush or other small scrub brush, and it looks perfect!

We cut little square handles out of our Fox Teakwood Melamine and super glued the stamp material on the back.

Then we got out an ink pad and tested! Here are the results:

They all actually worked great!

We made another stamp to make sure it worked again and it came out perfect. We did this one at 250/full power with the cut 170/full power. This awesome Phoenix mandala SVG was purchased from FortunaSVG.

When you try this yourself:

If the engraved area transfers any ink when you stamp it, engrave it at a slower speed and or higher power so that it will engrave deep enough that the engraved area doesn’t touch when you stamp it.

Have fun and post your images of your creations to our website gallery and tag us on Facebook and Instagram at CraftClosetSupply!

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