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What Glue should I use?

What Glue should I use?

A question that is often asked in online forums is, “What glue should I use for my project?”  When it comes to gluing different materials together, there isn’t a one glue fits all. Here is a list of what glues I usually use for projects.  

When I am gluing projects made out of: 


Wood: wood glue, 3M adhesive


Acrylic to the wood: super glue, Tacky glue, 3M adhesive, E6000


Acrylic to acrylic: an acrylic solvent like Weld-on acrylic adhesive. (It creates an almost clear, tight, waterproof seal). 


Something to acrylic: super glue, 3M adhesive


COLORboard: Tacky glue, wood glue, 3M adhesive


Something to COLORboard: super glue, 3M adhesive


COLORflex: E6000 or superglue


Shell Veneer: 3M adhesive, superglue


There are a lot of different adhesives out there that we haven’t tried yet, so try them and see what works best for you.


We found this handy chart on  It will also help answer the gluing questions! 

Adhesive Chart
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