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COLORboard Solids - White

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Original price $5.50 - Original price $6.00
Original price
$5.50 - $6.00
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Color: White

Core: Basswood Plywood or MDF*

Thickness: ~1/16 Inch or 1/8 Inch

Size: ~ 12x19 inches or 12x12 inches

*Glowforge Aura & MDF: Glowforge does not recommend cutting MDF on the Aura. Our supposition, and many others, is that this is due to the filter, not that a diode laser can not cut MDF. MDF creates more dust which the Aura filter has difficulty clearing the and will clog the filter faster. If you have the Aura vented to the outside, especially with an additional in-line fan, then the dust can be cleared well. Maker Board or Basswood core plywood cuts easier and cleaner and a superior choice. But if vented outside (which is a great option anyway) then MDF will work well.