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Finished Baltic Birch 1/4 Inch B/BB Grade

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Species: Birch, Baltic

Size: 11.5-12x19 inches (some boards will be as narrow as 11.5 inches)

Thickness: 1/4 Inch

Finishing: Finished


  • Due to the blade kerf, we have some boards that are narrower in Baltic Birch than others. Our hand select premium boards are 12 inches wide. For the B/BB grade, some can be as narrower as 11.5 inches.
  • Grade B/BB– One side is B, meaning a clear single piece face without any patches. BB is the backside and clear single piece but allows for color matched patches. These boards may also have some fraying on the ends and/or be slightly shorter.
  • Patches: As can be seen from the image, patches are subtle and color matched, but when stained, the patch is very obvious. If you display both sides, the patch will be noticeable. However, if you only have one side showing, or if you are painting the project, the patch will not matter and this is a cheaper option compared to the Hand Sorted B/B listing in a different section.
  • So this sheet has a patch on one side, may have some fraying, and/or may be slightly shorter but if you want the perfect B/B boards follow this link.
  • Advantages of Baltic Birch: Known for its straight wood grain and attractive pattern and light coloration. It is also strong and durable. It has superior strength and stability.
  • Uses: Uses are endless but popular uses are laser cutting and engraving as well as scroll saw work. Perfect for routers, CNC and wood burning too.