Monochrome Mirror 1/16 Inch

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12x19 inches.   Materials are advertised at 12x19 inches. There is some variation though due to the manufacturing and cutting process that can result in pieces being narrower in some cases. We will not send out boards less than 11.75x18.75 inches.


1/16th inch although there may be some variation due to the manufacturing process  but calipers can be used for exact thickness.


The mirror side is masked to prevent scratches and damage during shipping.  It is laser safe.  

Cut Edges:

We purchase the material in 4x8 foot sheets then cut down to size with a saw.  Although we take precautions to avoid chipped edges and corners, this does sometimes occur.  Because the acrylic is intended for laser use, we assume that the very edge is not used.  These chips will not encroach more than 2mm and so should not affect the usable area.  But if you are using the material for a project that requires perfectly smooth edges, please purchase the material and email us at and let us know of your needs so we can select the pieces.   

Extruded Acrylic:

While the majority of our material is Cast Acrylic, all mirror acrylic and some specialty acrylics are made through the Extruded Acrylic process.  This does have a lower melting point and should be taken in to consideration when cutting.  Cut at the fastest speed possible that will go through the acrylic and then take the project right out of the laser and take apart. If left sitting in the laser too long it may adhere back together in some places. Always engrave before cutting on Extruded acrylics to prevent it adhering back together.

Laser Safe:

This acrylic can be used with Glowforge, Mira, XTool P2, OmTech, Thunder, Trotec, Epilog, Aeon and other lasers, routers, Dremels and scroll saws. It can also be glued, bent with heat, and drilled.

*For best results, engrave the front side of Monochrome Mirror rather than the back. This acrylic is colored all of the way through unlike our other mirror acrylics, so engravings from the back will not show through.