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Tips on Setting up an Etsy Listing

Setting up an Etsy store can be a daunting task! We are here with some hints that might make it easier for you to get your traffic up right from the beginning!

I can't see how you set your listings up so I will show you how I did mine. Maybe it will help.

First put as many photos as I can of the item, different angles and such:

Next, fill in as many description points on the listing details as you can. These will help you be found in searches. Use words that you think people will use when they are searching for products like yours. Be very clear in your title so that customers will know exactly what they are getting.

Next description. I’m trying to make mine tell a story, I haven’t decided if that is the way to go yet. Make sure you have all of the specs in the description.

Then fill in a section— you create these section categories yourself. For this example I made the category Glitz Acrylic and I put all the Glitz Acrylics in that section.  

Next tags. Use all 13 tags!! This is one of the most important things on Etsy to help you be found. You don’t need to use the words that you used for the category at the top. That one is already included in the search. Try and think of all the ways that words can apply, like. Mother’s Day jewelry, valentines gift, etc.

Here is mine for this listing:

I should change one to jewelry acrylic!

Then next is price and shipping. If you sign up for Etsy's free shipping guarantee it also helps you get better placement in search. This means that you will need to offer free shipping though, so price your items accordingly.

Here are a couple of articles that helped me set up my Etsy shop.

I’m definitely not an expert but I hope this helps give you some ideas! I know how hard it is to get started!

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